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Isleta Administration Building

The Schematic Design phase of this project has been successfully completed. However, due to the impact of COVID, its progress is currently on hold. Once operational, the facility will serve as a centralized hub for all Pueblo Administrative staff, streamlining various departments under one roof.

As the administrative functions are currently scattered across the Pueblo, this facility aims to bring together essential departments, including Transportation, Design & Construction, Survey & Mapping, Environment, Public Works, Natural Resources, Procurement, Treasury, Human Resources, Water Resources, and Isleta Pueblo Housing Authority. This consolidation will significantly benefit the Pueblo community by enhancing accessibility and convenience for administrative services.

The planned facility also includes a spacious training room designed to double as an Emergency Operation Center when needed. This multi-purpose space ensures the Pueblo is prepared to respond effectively to any emergency situation that may arise.

Although the project is currently on hold, the completion of the Schematic Design phase marks a promising step towards creating a highly functional and efficient administrative center for the Pueblo. Once resumed, the facility will serve as a cornerstone for improved administrative services and emergency preparedness within the community.

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