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Native American Cultural Center

This cultural center spans over 20,000 square feet, designed to host both indoor and outdoor gatherings, classrooms, a commercial kitchen, history exhibits, offices, large storage areas, and gallery space. Drawing inspiration from the tipi, a symbol of the nomadic spirit of the undisclosed Native People, the center features tensile structures that embody the enduring migration of early indigenous communities, following herds and weather.

The powerful symbolism of these structures resonates globally, representing the strength and resilience of native peoples throughout history. The proposed tensile structures incorporate glass openings at the top, allowing the evening glow of the tipi to illuminate the night, symbolizing the sacred water bird and the rising of spirits among God's creation.

Throughout the day, the sunspot within the tipi structure, generated by these openings, moves across the interior spaces, symbolizing the dawn of a new era for these Native peoples and their unwavering perseverance, as seen in their history during the "Trail of Tears."

This cultural center serves as a profound tribute to the rich heritage and resilience of the undisclosed Native People, a space where their history, traditions, and spirit are honored and celebrated.

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