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T'siya Enrichment and Learning Center

T’siya Enrichment & Learning Center 2 marks a meticulous redesign of the original project, necessitated by its relocation to a smaller site and more stringent plan requirements. This adjustment resulted in a significant reduction of approximately 30% in the overall square footage of the facility. Despite these constraints, we remained committed to upholding the core program requirements of the center.

To ensure the continuity of its enriching services, the overall program was thoughtfully retained with only minor adjustments. The number of classrooms was reduced from 8 to 4, while retaining their functionality and efficiency. The flexible community/multi-purpose space and the essential kitchen facilities were retained, albeit on a reduced scale, allowing for continued versatility in accommodating diverse activities and events.

The new design for T’siya Enrichment & Learning Center 2 embodies our dedication to delivering an environment that fosters growth, learning, and community engagement, even within the confines of the smaller site and plan limitations. The thoughtful adaptation of the program ensures that the center continues to uphold its mission of providing a nurturing and empowering space for education, enrichment, and personal development.

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