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Our Firm

Our Mission

Buffalo Design: Focused on People, Place, and Culture. Committed to client needs, we provide architectural services in New Mexico and the Southwest, covering planning, expertise, interior design, and sustainability. Whether new constructions or modernizations, we create inspiring and empowering spaces. Our collaboration includes master planning, code compliance reviews, and facility assessments, resulting in timeless designs that embody our clients' visions. Partner with us to bring your dreams to life, project by project.

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We specialize in Native American architecture, deeply understanding and honoring the cultural heritage of indigenous communities. Collaborating closely with tribal leaders and community members, we ensure each project authentically embodies the values, traditions, and stories of each Native American culture. From sacred gathering places to modern tribal centers, we approach designs with reverence, drawing inspiration from natural surroundings and generational wisdom. Sustainability is integral to our philosophy, creating spaces that harmonize with the land and respect the sacred relationship between people and nature. Committed to innovative and responsible practices, we aim to leave a positive impact on the communities we serve. Beyond structures, we see architecture as a celebration of identity, a preservation of history, and a shaping of a vibrant future. Our passion for Native American architecture drives us to create spaces that meet practical needs and inspire generations to come. Join us on a journey of cultural celebration and architectural excellence.

Our Philosophy


Our Services

Urbanic Park


Creating visionary and functional designs for buildings and structures.


Developing master plans for communities to ensure sustainable and efficient growth.


Overseeing the entire architectural project from conception to completion.

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