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Celebrating Milestones: Welcoming Two New Partners at Buffalo Design Architects!

Kalie Matherly

Mar 21, 2023

Buffalo Design Architects celebrates the addition of two new partners, Marc and Mike, recognizing their invaluable contributions and commitment to shaping the firm's success and fostering innovative architectural solutions.

Today marks a momentous occasion for Buffalo Design Architects, as we proudly announce the addition of two outstanding individuals to our leadership team. After years of hard work and dedication, we are thrilled to welcome Marc and Mike as our esteemed partners. Their invaluable contributions have been instrumental in shaping Buffalo Design's success, and we owe much of our achievements to their vision, expertise, and unwavering commitment.

Throughout the years, Buffalo Design Architects has strived to be at the forefront of architectural innovation, promoting a culture of excellence and client-centricity. The collective efforts of our team, combined with the support of our valued clients, have propelled us to new heights in the industry.

Marc and Mike, through their extraordinary talents and leadership, have played pivotal roles in driving our firm's growth and fostering meaningful relationships with our clients and partners. Their tireless efforts have exemplified the spirit of dedication and professionalism that defines Buffalo Design Architects.

With their promotion to partners, Marc and Mike are not just taking on new titles but embracing a shared responsibility in steering our firm towards a brighter and more impactful future. Their vision aligns seamlessly with our core values, emphasizing innovative solutions, sustainable design practices, and the creation of spaces that positively influence communities.

The ethos of inclusivity and diversity has been ingrained in Buffalo Design's DNA, and the partnership of Marc and Mike reinforces our commitment to fostering an environment that embraces varied perspectives and empowers talented professionals from all backgrounds. Their ascent to partnership symbolizes the value we place on recognizing and nurturing talent within our ranks.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Marc and Mike for this well-deserved achievement. Their journey has been one of resilience, determination, and a profound passion for architecture and design. As they step into their new roles, we have no doubt that their leadership will continue to elevate Buffalo Design Architects to greater heights.

At Buffalo Design, we believe that hard work truly pays off, and today's announcement stands as a testament to that belief. Our success story is a reflection of the collaborative efforts of every team member, client, and partner who has been part of our journey.

As we embrace this exciting chapter in our firm's history, we remain committed to our Indigenous heritage, and we take immense pride in being an Indigenous-owned business. This distinction fuels our dedication to sustainable and culturally-sensitive design, shaping environments that reflect the spirit and values of the communities we serve.

Congratulations once again to Marc and Mike on their new roles as partners. Together, we look forward to embracing new challenges, fostering innovation, and creating impactful architectural solutions that leave a lasting legacy.

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