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Ashiwi College Career Readiness Center

Ashiwi College Career Readiness Center

The Ashiwi Language Center not only serves as a child care center for the community's young children but also extends its services to college students studying Native American culture, language, and education. This unique approach fosters a holistic learning environment for aspiring educators and researchers. By offering child care support to college students, the center empowers parents pursuing higher education, providing them with a culturally immersive solution for their children's care. The interaction between college students and young children facilitates a meaningful exchange of knowledge and cultural understanding, benefiting both parties.

The college student program at the center acts as a bridge between academia and the community, encouraging collaboration on research, educational programs, and community outreach initiatives. The center's architectural design thoughtfully caters to college students' needs, providing study spaces, research libraries, and areas for collaborative discussions. As a symbol of community support, cultural preservation, and education, the Ashiwi Language Center stands as a model for inclusive educational institutions. Through its dual role, it remains a beacon of hope and pride for the Native American community, ensuring the continuity of their language, traditions, and wisdom for future generations.




Site Study, Programming, Architectural Design


Zuni, NM


5,000 sf

Project Team

Project Manager | Mike Salvador
Draftsperson | Kathryn Derr
Draftsperson | Mariah Garcia-Baker

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