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Dine College Ned Hatathli Center Additions & Renovation

Dine College Ned Hatathli Center Additions & Renovation

The Ned Hatathli Center, a prominent seven-story high-rise situated at the heart of Dine's College campus in Tsaile, Arizona, has long been an iconic symbol of the institution. Given the historical importance of both the building and the college itself, a meticulous and sensitive approach was required to address its structural issues and undertake planned interior remodels.

Over the years, the Ned Hatathli Center has faced substantial structural shifting and cracking due to the instability of the underlying soil conditions. These conditions have not only affected the building's integrity but have also caused visible defects in elements such as the curtain wall system and the first-level floor. Our comprehensive scope of work includes an assessment of the structural framework and the underlying soil conditions supporting the Center, as well as an examination of the curtain wall construction and the factors contributing to discoloration, cracking, and moisture infiltration.

In addition to addressing these critical structural concerns, our project encompasses a thoughtful approach to interior remodels. These remodels will include the creation of a welcoming café, modern classrooms, and a culturally significant hall. The café will serve as a gathering space, fostering a sense of community among students and faculty. The classrooms will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology and ergonomic design to enhance the learning experience. The cultural hall, designed with the rich heritage of the Dine people in mind, will provide a dedicated space for cultural events, celebrations, and gatherings.

Previous attempts at repairs and deferred maintenance have only exacerbated issues, resulting in additional problems such as leaks, settling, and further deterioration. Our comprehensive approach not only aims to address these longstanding issues but also to transform the interior of the Ned Hatathli Center into a vibrant, functional, and culturally significant hub for the Dine's College community.




Architectural Design, Renovations


Tsaile, AZ


8,000 sf

Project Team

Project Architect | Larry Anderson

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