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First Nations Community HealthSource Clinic Addition

First Nations Community HealthSource Clinic Addition

First Nations Community HealthSource is a nonprofit health clinic to more than 10,000 community members in southeastern Albuquerque. Designated as a community health center and health care for the homeless clinic. FNCH is also New Mexico’s urban Indian health center. FNCH’s mission is to provide a comprehensive and culturally appropriate health delivery system that addresses the mental, social, spiritual, and physical needs of urban Indians and other under-served populations in Albuquerque and the surrounding area. FNCH provides comprehensive medical, dental, behavioral health, Traditional Healing, and a host of support services to assist individuals with their basic needs. This project is specific to FNCH’s proposed Health Infrastructure Program project and will construct a two-story 4,304 square foot addition onto its main health center facility and a 528 square foot addition onto its dental clinic located at the same physical location that will allow FNCH to add two more dental operatories. This will also include funding to equip an additional medical exam room in the main facility by equipping.

The rooms are currently used for health promotions. The resulting facility will result in a much larger and more efficient facility, well suited to deliver services to the target Urban Indian and homeless patient population.




Architectural Design


Albuquerque, NM


4,830 sf

Project Team

Project Manager | Mike Salvador

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