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Laguna Pueblo Housing Development

Laguna Pueblo Housing Development

The Pueblo of Laguna Housing Development and Management Enterprise (LHDME) contracted buffalo design to design and develop construction documents for 7 homes to be constructed of man and pueblo member made Compressed Earthen Blocks (CEB). These Compressed Earthen Block’s would be used to
construct 7 homes within the surrounding Pueblo of Laguna reservation. Housing Project consisted of individual homeowners and sites. The floor plan designs developed were for a 2- and 3-bedroom homes at 1,600 and 1,800 square feet respectfully. The requirements included solar harvesting, energy efficient. fixtures, pueblo style and adhering to state and pueblo code compliance. The plan designs were oriented linear, south facing to allow the maximum exposure of the sun to the living area and bedrooms. Main entry overhangs with decorate wood columns and overhead trellis was designed to provide protection from the summer sun. Large double-hung windows provide abundant natural light into the living areas and decorative built-in nichos on the interior provides spaces for homeowner’s interests.




Architectural design


Pueblo of Laguna, NM


1,600 - 1,800 sf per Home

Project Team

Project Architect | Larry Anderson

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