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Natural Grocers

Natural Grocers

The architectural design of the Natural Grocers store in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, seamlessly integrates several essential elements that contribute to its overall atmosphere. Notably, the interior lighting system has been meticulously curated to enhance the shopping experience, strategically illuminating specific product displays. This careful arrangement of lighting fixtures, including options such as track lighting and pendant lights, crafts a visually captivating and welcoming ambiance for customers. Moreover, the store's architectural design embraces a deliberate color palette selection, aligning with the company's values and brand identity. The incorporation of green and orange tones not only mirrors the commitment to natural and organic products but also conveys environmental consciousness and an energetic spirit. These color choices resonate throughout various architectural elements, including signage, decor, and branding, reinforcing the company's mission. Beyond aesthetics, the store's architecture prioritizes accessibility through the thoughtful planning of wider aisles, accessible shelving, and the provision of ramps or elevators as needed. These inclusive design features ensure that the store accommodates all customers, including those with disabilities, facilitating comfortable and seamless navigation of the space.




Programming, Design, Construction Documents, Construction Administration


Rio Rancho, NM


13,000 sf

Project Team

Project Manager | Mike Salvador

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