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Poeh Cultural Center Master Plan

Poeh Cultural Center Master Plan

The proposed new park is intended to occupy the property to the northwest of the Poeh Cultural Center (PCC). The envisaged park will incorporate a Pueblo Veterans Memorial, a playground, and a fitness course. It is imperative for the park to have direct access to the outdoor activity areas of the PCC.

Throughout its history, the Poeh Cultural Center has consistently expanded its offerings, collections, and archives, with an ongoing commitment to serving the Pojoaque Pueblo community and Pueblo Indians across New Mexico. With the continuous growth of collections, archives, and services, there arises a requirement for additional storage and workspace. To address this need, the Buffalo Design team has been chosen to collaborate with the staff and management of the PCC in identifying a suitable approach for expanding the existing center. The objective is to align this expansion with the overarching goals and objectives of the Poeh Cultural Center.


Master Plan


Master Planning


Pojoaque, NM


1 acre

Project Team

Project Architect Tom Cassidy | Intern Architect Lyvan Medrano

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