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San Felipe Master Plan

San Felipe Master Plan

The San Felipe Exit 252 Master Plan was developed to establish a framework for development of the 70-acre parcel of land that currently includes the Black Mesa Casino and Travel Center and Pueblo Restaurant. Recent developments including the re-branding of the casino, addition of the trucker’s lounge at the travel center and the demolition of the old racetrack has set the stage for the much-needed plan for the long-term development of the site. The primary goal was to create an “achievable plan” that included zones for future development. This master plan, while setting the stage for future development, is none the less a living document. The plan must be continually reviewed and updated as circumstances that influence the decisions made at this time may change in the future. The purpose of any master planning effort is to provide design guidelines for future development. This includes not only the physical planning and layout of the building but also the desired design criteria and standards that must be adhered to. Just as the building program provides specific sizes, and relationship of various spaces so to must the building performance criteria give specific requirements for each of the components used in the construction of the built forms.


Master Plan


Master Planning


San Felipe Pueblo, NM


70 acres

Project Team

Project Architect | Larry Anderson

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