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Zuni Pueblo Masterplan

Zuni Pueblo Masterplan

The Zuni Route 4 Master Plan responds to the pressing need for additional housing, driven by the requirements of Tribal members, present and future Pueblo employees, and the potential return of Tribal members to their ancestral land. This comprehensive initiative has a central goal of diversifying housing options, including single-family homes, townhomes, apartments, and mobile homes, all with a keen focus on supporting multi-generational living arrangements to foster family closeness.

The Master Plan incorporates a detailed Land Use Plan that visually designates zones for single and multi-family residences, commercial areas, public safety facilities, daycare centers, parks, and open spaces. A well-integrated road and utility corridor system is proposed to ensure efficient vehicular and pedestrian access throughout the Master Plan area. Additionally, the plan envisions a trail system to promote non-motorized transportation, encouraging a healthier lifestyle among residents.

Furthermore, the Master Plan outlines housing preferences, commercial development, and desired densities to serve and enrich the community. Recognizing the significance of water and sewer infrastructure, concurrent projects have been incorporated to ensure they align seamlessly with the Route 4 Master Plan's overarching vision. In conclusion, the Zuni Route 4 Master Plan is a comprehensive strategy that addresses housing needs, fosters community cohesion, and elevates the quality of life for the Zuni Pueblo Tribe. By combining thoughtful land use planning, infrastructure development, and a commitment to multi-generational living, the plan sets the course for a sustainable and thriving future for the community.


Master Plan


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Project Team

Project Manager | Mike Salvador
In Partnership with Consensus Planning

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