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Cultural Awareness

Native American culture, tribal beliefs, traditions, learning, healing, and many other rituals may vary from Tribe to Tribe, but they share a common belief in natural harmony of the mind, body, and spirit.  These beliefs play an important part in the role of the community.  How each Tribe shares their culture is unique to each individual Tribe.  While some Tribes want to see their culture incorporated into their facilities other Tribes may want to keep their culture more discrete in their public facilities. 



As Native American Architectural Firm along with our experienced team of consultants make a demonstrated effort and provide a leadership role in cultural design concepts, circulation and functions of each space, and the overall aesthetic of each individual project.  With the Owner’s direct involvement and our cultural experience, history, and sensitivity we will let your culture guide the design.  We will reinforce your traditional philosophy to facilitate an exciting and transformational design.  Creating a natural order using context and symbolism to create an identity with purpose and function foremost in mind while respecting the land and environment. 

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