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Mike Salvador


Mike Salvador has been a project manager with buffalo design architects since 2017. He brings more than 20 years’ experience in all areas of commercial architectural design and construction. Mike has worked for and with private, public and non-profit t organizations thru his experiences including several NAIOP award winning projects.

He is passionate about meaningful and collaborative client involvement with any size of project and understands the importance of listening to produce a collective relationship with the client and design team. He brings knowledge of site development, all aspects of planning & design, construction on document development and demonstrated this through his work on a wide variety of both Native and Non-Native owned projects providing design oversight, quality control, production on and project management at buffalo design architects. A proud member of the Pueblo of Acoma, Mike fully comprehends tribal government, its core infrastructure and communal lifeblood. This understanding helps him advocate for a cooperative relationship with tribal leadership, community engagement, sensitive design and supports historic preservation on within tribal lands.

Associate Degree in Specialized Technology, ITT Technical Institute

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