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Acoma Pueblo Pinsbarri Masterplan

Acoma Pueblo Pinsbarri Masterplan

The Acoma Pueblo Pinsbarri Masterplan is a comprehensive and visionary urban development project aimed at enhancing the community's overall infrastructure and livability. It includes unpaved and paved bike paths for alternative transportation, pedestrian-friendly crosswalks for safety, an efficient roundabout, and a culturally significant entry gateway.

The plan integrates these elements to create a vibrant and sustainable community, and it envisions further enhancements such as a bridge for traffic efficiency, a central plaza for gatherings, proposed parks for relaxation, and a sports complex with ball fields for recreation and community pride.

At its core, this visionary plan is driven by the pursuit of a more sustainable, connected, and culturally enriched community experience. Central to the masterplan's design are the integration of various key elements, each carefully selected to enhance the community's infrastructure and livability:

Bike Paths: The inclusion of both unpaved and paved bike paths reflects a commitment to alternative transportation and healthier lifestyles.

Pedestrian-Friendly Crosswalks: The introduction of pedestrian-friendly crosswalks thoughtfully placed throughout the community prioritizes the well-being of residents and visitors alike.

Efficient Roundabout: The addition of a roundabout promises smoother traffic flow, reduced congestion, and heightened safety at critical intersections.

Culturally Significant Entry Gateway: An entry gateway serves as both a symbolic and welcoming introduction to the community, fostering a sense of place and identity.

This masterplan, rooted in holistic community development, is not limited to the aforementioned elements. It envisions a multifaceted approach to community enrichment, including:

+ Bridge for Traffic Efficiency: Recognizing the importance of efficient traffic flow and accessibility.
+ Central Plaza: A focal point for community gatherings and cultural celebrations.
+ Proposed Parks: Multiple green spaces for relaxation and recreational activities.
+ Sports Complex with Ball Fields: A dedicated venue for various sporting events.

In its entirety, the Acoma Pueblo Pinsbarri Masterplan embodies a visionary blueprint for a well-rounded, vibrant, and culturally rich community. This comprehensive approach ensures that the community remains attractive, accessible, and resilient for generations to come.


Master Plan


Master Planning


Acoma Pueblo, NM


1,555 acres

Project Team

Partner | Mike Salvador in Partnership with Southwest Sites

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