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Bob's Burgers I, II, & III

Bob's Burgers I, II, & III

The Bob's Burgers restaurant chain is embarking on an ambitious endeavor to expand its presence in Albuquerque, NM, through the creation of three distinct restaurant locations: Bob's Burgers I, Bob's Burgers II, and Bob's Burgers III. Each location is characterized by a contemporary and sleek design that aims to offer customers an enhanced dining experience while retaining the brand's recognizable charm.

The architectural design for all three locations revolves around the concept of sleek modernity. The exterior façades feature clean lines, bold geometries, and a harmonious blend of glass, metal, and premium materials. The design seeks to seamlessly integrate the restaurant into its urban context while also setting it apart as a stylish and inviting destination.




Programming, Design, Construction Documents


Albuquerque, NM


2,500-4,500 sf

Project Team

Project Architect | Marc Gonzales
Draftsperson | Mariah Garcia-Baker

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