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Isleta Pueblo Maintenance Facility

Isleta Pueblo Maintenance Facility

This comprehensive project includes multiple construction initiatives aimed at enhancing and optimizing the Pueblo's facilities and infrastructure. This 16,150 square feet building serves as a centralized hub, consolidating critical maintenance services for Motorpool, Water Resources, Maintenance, and Department of Natural Resources. It features three spacious vehicle repair and maintenance bays equipped with an overhead crane, two vehicle lifts, and an efficient fluid distribution system. The equipment yard, spanning approximately 4 acres, offers secured storage for vehicles and materials, alongside amenities like an exterior wash bay and a fueling facility, ensuring operational efficiency. A strategic reorganization of the intersection at HWY 47 and Tribal Road 97 improves traffic flow and safety. Expanded acceleration and deceleration lanes, along with upgraded road alignment for TR 97, enhance vehicular movement. New traffic lights have been skillfully installed to accommodate the changes. Tribal Road 97 has been meticulously engineered and redesigned with new vertical and horizontal alignments, ensuring optimal safety and efficiency. The fully paved roadway and state-of-the-art drainage system effectively address water flow and runoff concerns.

The successful completion of these diverse construction projects underscores our commitment to elevating the Pueblo's facilities, infrastructure, and overall community well-being. Each component has been executed with precision, aiming to improve accessibility, safety, and functionality for both residents and administrative personnel.




Architectural Design, Construction Management


Albuqueruqe, NM


16,150 sf

Project Team

Project Architect | Marc Gonzales

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