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Nambe Pueblo Teen Center

Nambe Pueblo Teen Center

Amidst the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, our attention was drawn to a significant project in November 2020 – the creation of a dynamic Teen Center. The task of designing this facility presented numerous obstacles that demanded exploration through several iterations before reaching the final design. Throughout the process, the fluctuating construction costs necessitated constant vigilance and adaptability. We meticulously considered various materials, including wood, steel, metal building, and hybrid options, in order to achieve the most optimal outcome.

The Teen Center project, with its unique purpose and youthful energy, stirred our team to approach it with utmost dedication and perseverance. As we navigated through the complexities, we found gratifying solutions that resulted in a predominantly wood hybrid design, perfectly tailored to meet the needs of the young community it will serve. In spite of the formidable challenges faced, the journey to create this Teen Center became a testament to our team's resilience and ingenuity. The final result is a space that promises to empower and inspire teenagers, providing them with a safe, vibrant, and welcoming environment to nurture their passions, creativity, and growth.


Community + Civic


Programming, Architectural Design, Construction Management


Nambe, NM


5,000 sf

Project Team

Project Architect | Larry Anderson
Project Manager | Mike Salvador

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