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Navajo Technical University Residence Hall

Navajo Technical University Residence Hall

The $73 million New Student Housing project at Navajo Technical University in Crownpoint, New Mexico will create a state-of-the-art residential complex which will enhance student experiences with spaces that encourage social engagement & recreation, a focus on academics while also giving students a sense of privacy and independence. It will be strongly linked to Navajo identity, culture, and respectful of the environment while also promoting the overall Mission and Philosophy of the University. The Student Housing will consist of 12 “Residential Communities” with a total of 270 Beds with shared Community Lounges and Study Rooms.

The 3-story Housing Wings will be joined by a 2-story Building Commons area which will include Lobby/Living Room, Community Learning Center, Study Room(s), Recreation Commons, Laundry & Vending, Multipurpose, Offices, and Staff Apartment. The total area for this building is 95,175 square feet. Sustainability Initiatives include Natural Daylighting, Operable Window for Natural Ventilation, Smart System Controls, Rooftop Solar Panels, Rainwater Harvesting, Solar Hot Water, Water Condensate Collection and Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures.




Architectural Design


Crownpoint, NM


95,000 sf

Project Team

Project Architect | John Tansey
Architect | Marc Gonzales

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