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Taos Pueblo Education Center Addition

Taos Pueblo Education Center Addition

The Taos Pueblo Education Center Addition Project is a transformative endeavor, aiming to enrich education while preserving cultural heritage. By expanding existing facilities, the project provides modern, sustainable learning spaces rooted in Taos Pueblo's rich heritage.

This initiative strives to enhance education through advanced classrooms and preserve culture via traditional architecture. It fosters community engagement by offering multipurpose spaces for cultural events and workshops. Sustainability is a key focus, incorporating eco-friendly technologies and practices.

The new addition showcases a blend of traditional adobe architecture and modern functionality. State-of-the-art classrooms encourage collaborative learning, complemented by a cultural heritage center. The space serves as a venue for community gatherings and ceremonies, embodying unity and tradition. Eco-conscious elements like solar panels underscore the project's commitment to sustainability.

The Taos Pueblo Education Center Addition Project harmonizes tradition with progress, ensuring a culturally immersive, sustainable, and engaging educational experience. By uniting heritage and modernity, the initiative stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of the Taos Pueblo community.




Architectural Design


Taos Pueblo, NM


5,800 sf

Project Team

Project Manager | Mike Salvador
Draftsperson | Kathryn Derr
Draftsperson | Mariah Garcia-Baker

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